happy tails + hoppy hooves
happy tails + hoppy hooves
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who we are how it began

My husband, Jimmy, and I live on the East Coast in southern Maine. We are parents to 3 dogs and 2 goats. We have been fostering dogs since 2010 and in April of 2020, we got our first goat. And what a time it has been! My friends and family (and I think my husband) thought I had lost my mind. "You're getting goats?" Yep! And I have loved everything about the world it has created since! And now, we have taken our love for both and developed a brand that combines them as one. Bark + Blat. 
It all began when when our dog, Pippet, became fast friends with her goat sister, Titos, after her brother passed away. Together they became happy tails and hoppy hooves. Allow them to introduce themselves below.
Hi! My name is Pippet and I am a female Black Lab/Shepherd mix and I will be three in July. I love everything. Literally. My favorite things to do are be with my mom and dad and do whatever they are doing. I love camping, swimming, traveling to Canada, playing with my dog siblings, Lucy and Bailey, and of course hanging with my gal pal Titos. She will introduce herself below. Warning, she's a bit of a diva.
Hello everyone, my name is Titos. Yes named after the vodka. I've been told not to judge. I am a female Nigerian Dwarf and turn one in April! My canine sibling above, well let's just say, I have to remind her that I am a goat and not her rough housing dog friends. Does this face look like it wants to be licked? Umm no. But I am excited to have a goat friend to play with now. Welcome Whisky. He's also a Nigerian Dwarf and was born in April.
We hope you enjoy this new adventure with us!
Heather, Jimmy, Pippet & Titos